Ensemble Therapeutics is developing a novel class of therapeutics, called Ensemblins™, using its proprietary drug discovery platform -- DNA-Programmed Chemistry™ (DPC™).

Ensemblins are a new class of drugs in an emerging therapeutic space between small molecules and biologics, with drug compounds capable of addressing historically challenging targets such as protein-protein interactions, phosphatases, and proteases.

Ensemblins are designed with unique macrocyclic structures to incorporate high levels of affinity and specificity but to stretch the limits of small molecules through the potential to bind to targets only addressable today with biologic drugs.

Whereas traditional medicinal chemistry approaches have been markedly unsuccessful in generating drugs against these targets, macrocycles, such as those found in natural products, have repeatedly shown success. With their large cyclic backbones, macrocycles present a distributed binding functionality , and interact efficiently with extended protein surface binding motifs.

Ensemble's platform is a product engine for developing Ensemblins, which are synthetically engineered macrocycles a class of compounds that have traditionally existed primarily as natural products and resulted in over 100 marketed macrocycle drugs. Now, Ensemble is the first company to successfully and reliably exploit synthetic macrocycle drugs.

DNA-Programmed Chemistry

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