Ensemble is focusing its proprietary discovery and development efforts in the key therapeutic areas of oncology and immuno-inflammatory diseases, with Ensemblins that inhibit largely protein-protein or protein-peptide interactions. Ensemble’s lead program is a small molecule class of antagonists of Interleukin-17, a cytokine implicated in multiple inflammatory and autoimmune diseases that is currently in collaborative development with Novartis.  Ensemble has over a dozen additional programs advancing through hit-to-lead stages for potential use in neurological, infectious, metabolic and neurological diseases.

In addition to its own programs, Ensemble has multiple active collaborative discovery programs with a select number of prominent partners against a number of high-value drug targets in multiple therapeutic areas.  In April 2011, Ensemble announced that it had achieved an important milestone in its research collaboration with BMS by successfully developing Ensemblins against one of the eight designated drug targets, including achievement of potency, selectivity and key pharmacokinetic criteria. The program associated with this contractual milestone has transitioned to Bristol-Myers Squibb for further development.

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