Ensemble in the News

"The Argument for Macrocycles"
Nick Terrett . 2014 December: Issue 51, pp. 26-29

"Ensemble Reels in Novartis to Develop Oral, Mid-Sized Inflammation Drugs"
Ben Fidler . 6 August 2013

"Producing Orally Bioavailable Biologics" 
Nick Terrett . 8 May 2013

"Macrocycle Diary's New Entry:  Ensemble Deal with Boehringer" 
Randy Osborne. 2 November 2012

“Excited About Cycling” 
Chris Cain. 8 September 2012

“Genentech, Ensemble Partner for Macrocycle Drug Discovery ” 
Nancy Faigen. 8 June 2012

“Assembling Around Ensemblins ” 
Michael Flanagan. June 2012

“Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitors get into the Groove” 
Asher Mullard. March 2012

“Macrocycles by the Trillions” 
Joanne Kotz. 26 January 2012

Macrocycles: Going Where no Drugs Have Gone Before
Mari Serabrov. 2011 November 28

Ensemble Therapeutics Moves Ahead with Mid-Sized Drugs in a Super-Sized Library
Luke Timmerman. 2011 July 19

Delivery Of First Macrocyle to Bristol-Myers Squibb Enables Ensemble Therapeutics to Look Ahead
Joseph Haas. 2011 April 12


Ensemble hits Macrocycle Milestone
Carmen Drahl. 2011 April 12


Making Mid-sized Macrocyclic Molecules, en Masse
Deborah Erickson. 2011 March: Vol. 16 No. 3


Company Profile: Chemical Ensemble
Sarah Houlton. 2011 March


Constraining Molecules in Macrocyclic Rings Could Help Address Challenges in Drug Discovery
Andrew Good & Jodi Muckelbauer/BMS. 2009 Sep 7;Volume 87, Number 36 pp. 54-57


Breaking the Rule (of Five)
Kevin Davies. 2008 Apr 1

Press Releases

8/6/2013 - Ensemble Therapeutics Forms Global Strategic Collaboration for Development of Oral, Macrocyclic IL-17 Antagonists and Additional Disease Targets

7/18/2013 - Ensemble Therapeutics and Alexion Initiate Collaboration to Discover Macrocycle Drug Candidates Targeting Patients with Severe and Ultra-Rare Disorders

4/1/2013 - Ensemble Therapeutics to Present Data on IL-17A Inhibitors that are Novel, Oral Macrocycles Against Previously Undruggable Target

2/13/2013 - Ensemble Therapeutics Presents Data Demonstrating Unique Properties of Synthetic Macrocycles for Pursuing Challenging Targets

11/12/2012 - Ensemble Therapeutics Presents Oral Efficacy of First-in-Class Small Molecule Targeting IL-17 for Inflammation in Preclinical Studies

11/01/2012 - Ensemble Therapeutics and Boehringer Ingelheim Initiate Collaboration to Discover Macrocycle Drug Candidates

10/29/2012 - Ensemble Therapeutics to Present at 2012 ACR Annual Meeting

5/29/2012 - Ensemble Therapeutics and Genentech Initiate Collaboration to Discover Macrocyclic Drug Candidates

1/5/2012 - Ensemble Therapeutics Advances Macrocycle IL-17 Antagonist Program: Reports First Known Small Molecule Inhibitors of Important Autoimmune Target

1/5/2012 - Ensemble Therapeutics Extends Macrocycle Drug Discovery Alliance with Bristol-Myer Squibb

7/6/2011 - Ensemble Therapeutics Receives Two Notices of Allowance for Fundamental Patents to DNA-Programmed Chemistry Process for Novel Macrocycle Therapeutics

4/12/2011 - Ensemble Therapeutics Achieves Milestone in Bristol-Myers Squibb Collaboration

11/2/2010 - Ensemble Awarded Three Therapeutic Discovery Project Grants Totaling $744,000

9/15/2010 - Ensemble Therapeutics Appoints Ted Hibben as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

8/23/2010 - Ensemble Therapeutics Presents Data at American Chemical Society National Meeting

6/22/2010 - Ensemble Evolves Name to Ensemble Therapeutics Corporation and Also Announces New Strategic Investor: Kisco Ltd.

1/6/2010 - Ensemble Discovery Initiates Collaboration with Pfizer to Develop Novel Drugs Against Protein-Protein Interaction Targets

4/15/2009 - Ensemble Discovery Initiates Collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb to Develop Drugs in Novel Therapeutic Class

11/13/2008 - Ensemble Discovery and Roche Initiate Product Development Program to Advance New Diagnostic Technology to Optimize Cancer Therapy

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