Ensemble is developing a novel class of therapeutics, called Ensemblins™, which open up new ways to treat diseases by addressing drug targets that are currently inaccessible with conventional small molecule drugs. With their uniquely expansive macrocyclic structure, Ensemblins are a new class of drugs in the emerging therapeutic space between small molecules and biologics. Ensemblins are orally-active therapeutics with unique properties for binding to human disease targets such as Protein:Protein Interaction (PPI) targets, including targets with extended binding domains that are currently only addressable with costly and inconvenient injectable biologic drugs or that are intra-cellular and therefore not accessible by such biologics.

With its proprietary drug discovery platforms and Ensemblin compound libraries, which now exceed 10 million macrocycles, Ensemble is the first company to successfully and reliably engineer synthetic macrocycle drugs, a class of compounds that have traditionally existed principally as natural products but have resulted in over 100 marketed products.

Ensemble has made strong progress in leveraging its macrocycle drug discovery expertise to fuel its proprietary pipeline while also pursuing collaborations with pharmaceutical partners. Ensemble’s internal discovery and development efforts are focused on the key therapeutic areas of oncology and immuno-inflammatory diseases. The company’s lead program, a preclinical oral, small molecule antagonist of Interleukin-17, a cytokine implicated in multiple inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, is currently in collaborative development with Novartis.

Ensemble has a strong core foundation, including an experienced management team and solid financial resources. To date, the company has raised $38.5 million in equity financing, attracted leading venture capitalists, and established valuable alliances with blue-chip pharmaceutical companies.

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