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A Revolution in Chemistry. A New Class of Drugs.
Ensemble is the first company to successfully and reliably exploit synthetic macrocycle drugs, called Ensemblins™, a unique class of compounds ideally suited to address the industry's largest class of biological targets, Protein:Protein Interactions (PPI's).

With their distinctive macrocyclic ring structure, Ensemblins have unique chemical and biological properties to address difficult-to-address drug targets that are known to play key roles in disease processes, yet are currently undruggable with conventional small molecule drugs. Ensemblins are a new class of drugs in the emerging therapeutic space between small molecules and biologics – Small Molecules with the Power of Biologics™.

Ensemble's leadership capabilities in developing macrocycle drugs, including vast libraries of diverse Ensemblins for affinity-based drug discovery, are based on the company's proprietary, DNA-programmed chemistry (DPC) drug discovery platform. PPI’s are common in oncology and inflammation-related diseases, and the company has a pipeline of proprietary and partnered Ensemblin drug candidates against PPI’s not only to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases, but a broad range of disease areas including neurology, metabolic disease, infectious diseases, and diabetes.


Ensemble Therapeutics is proud and delighted to congratulate their SAB member, Dr Simon Campbell CBE FRS, on being knighted in the United Kingdom 2015 New Year Honours List.

Sir Simon’s award reflects his significant contribution to drug discovery, as the leading member of the research teams that discovered Cardura, Norvasc and Viagra - drugs that have benefited millions of people worldwide.

During his tenure as President of The Royal Society of Chemistry he campaigned for more funding and an improved image for chemistry. Under his leadership, the Campaign for Chemistry reinvigorated chemistry education in the UK while the Simon and Jill Campbell Foundation supports state school students reading science and mathematics at Cambridge and Birmingham Universities. He was also the first chair of the Medicines for Malaria Venture, a landmark public-private partnership.

We look forward to Sir Simon’s continuing role as a scientific advisor to Ensemble, especially with respect to the company’s internal programs to develop novel macrocycle drugs against difficult-to-drug cancer targets.

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